PRODUCT LIST (Download catalogue) MODEL
  Autopilot system  LTD
Gyro repeater – LED7  HTL
Fog horn signal, General alarm controller  DCS
  Navigation light indicator panel  DHT
Fire alarm control panel  BCT
  Diesel remote speed control system DDX
Reverse power relays CSN
  Insulation alarm and monitoring units TCD
   Active power transducer, monitoring CCS
   Auto synchronising, Auto frequency adjust, management  and load share systems  CTT
  Synchroscope and Synchro Check Relay BDK
AVR – Automatic Voltage Regulator AVR
  Engine telegraphs  TCT
  Rudder angle indicator  CBL
  Propeller, diesel rotation indicator  CVQ
  Multi check and alarm panel 16 chanels BDD
  Multi check and alarm panel 48 chanels  BDM
  Alarm Monitoring and Control – SCADA System  SCA
Marine Engine Room Simulator MBM
  Marine Ship Handling Simulator MBL
Fuel Consumption Monitoring System GSN