Giakhanh Automation Co., Ltd was founded in 2008 and became a partner many marine company, institute… It is a high-tech enterprise which has a registration capital of 1.900 million VND. Mainly specialized in Giakhanh, production and sale of all automation, our company is putting more effort on marine automation. At the same time, the company maintains the prestige in agent business, sales production and web information service of all kinds of products. Its commercial networks spread over all Vietnam. Besides, it has established a permanent branches in Hanoi and Hochiminh city.

Not only do we supply satisfying products to our customers, but also we provide more and more solution to solve problems that are integral and professionalized on marine automation systems. This is also the principle that we have always been adhering to. People in our company all stick to the ideology of making technology as our foundation, orienting ourselves according to the markets needs, and holding it as our goal to make customer satisfied. Based on this ideology, we expand our business steadily. Mooreover, we try our best in creating such an enterprise environment that is human-oriented and innovative.